Fiskano, your reliable partner in fish
Since 30 years Fiskano plays an active role in the Dutch fishing industry. Access to raw materials worldwide is, and will continue to be, the future key to a stable product flow. Over the years Fiskano has developed into a highly specialized importer and producer of premium quality and value-added fish products.
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Have you ever tried kingklip? This delicious fish from the southern parts of Africa. The name comes from the old Dutch ‘koningklipvisch’, which translates to ‘King of the Rocks’. The fish can grow to become 180cm long and weigh up to 15 kgs. They can be found up to 500 meters deep, but usually stay in the 250-300 meter range. They are a bottom dwelling species and inhabit rocky areas which explains the name. Fiskano’s kingklip is caught in Namibia (FAO 47) and is sold in fillet and or portion. It’s easy to prepare in a restaurant or to be sold in a retail package. The fillets of the fish are boneless and therefore perfect to prepare and eat!

An African delicacy

The kingklip (Genypterus capensis) is one of the most popular fishes on South African menus and is often caught as a by-catch. The fish has a white meat color and is extremely tasty. The fish has a slightly sweet and meaty taste and is extremely suitable to be served with different kinds of seasoning and sauces. A famous way of preparing the kingklip is by seasoning it and pan frying it on both sides. Immediately after frying the kingfish is placed in a hot oven for a short amount of time. You can also steam the kingklip, poach it with white wine or bamboo steam it. If you want to grill the kingklip it’s important to use a ‘fish-basket’ or wrap the fish in tin foil. Enjoy your kingklip!

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