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Since 30 years Fiskano plays an active role in the Dutch fishing industry. Access to raw materials worldwide is, and will continue to be, the future key to a stable product flow. Over the years Fiskano has developed into a highly specialized importer and producer of premium quality and value-added fish products.
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The summer period is the perfect time to enjoy the taste of octopus. Octopus Vulgaris is a cosmopolitan species, which means it is found all over the world. The octopus can change its color to blend into its environment. It is most famous for its eight arms but did you know it also has three hearts?

A great dish for everyone

Most people think you can only eat the arms of an octopus, but some dishes are using other body parts as well. Octopus is a dish that allows for endless recipes and approaches to cooking. In Japan, they often eat octopus raw and use it in lots of sushi recipes. In Greece, they dry the octopus and grill it, then serve it both hot and cold. In almost every culture you can find a different and delicious way to prepare a meal with octopus. There is definitely one you will like!

Mexican Octopus dish with rice
Mexican Octopus dish with rice

Order your octopus at Fiskano

Fiskano offers flowered Octopus (Octopus vulgaris), origin Kenia. It is wild-caught using hooks and lines, gutted and with beak and eyes removed. The product comes in the sizes T2 (3000-+ gr /pc), T3 (2000-3000 gr/pc), T4 (1500-2000 gr/pc), T5 (1200-1500 gr/pc),T6 (800-1200 gr/pc),T7(500-800 gr/pc),T8 (300-500 gr/pc), T9 (100-300 gr/pc). It is packed per 15kg net weight. The perfect product for restaurants and retailers around the world.

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