Fiskano, your reliable partner in fish

Fiskano was founded more than 30 years ago and has grown into a leading seafood Trading company. Family owned and family run, it has and always will be Fiskano’s goal to build long term relationships with both clients and suppliers.

Located in Urk, the heart of the European flatfish fisheries, a lean and mean team of 15 dedicated people is ready to provide you with the best our Oceans have to offer.  In-depth market and product knowledge, combined with a healthy financial position, gives Fiskano a strong bargaining position  to get the best for our clients.

A particular focus of Fiskano has always been to find new markets and products, and we have been trading many products long before they became mainstream. Over the years  Fiskano has build up a wide network, both national and international, with particularly strong contacts in Holland, South Africa and Asia. Through its holding company, Fish Con Urk, it has access to an international group of trading companies from China to France, several processing facilities and primary fisheries. We aim for a broad range of products, which we can supply from single boxes on combined pallets to full container loads.


Fiskano’s specialty is building knowledge and expertise in the different markets we are actively buying from and selling to. We build up strong relationships and go the extra mile for our customers and suppliers. All our products can be ordered up to our customers’ specifications/requests. For retailers we work with private label or we pack the product in our own Compass brand. For markets such as Italy and Scandinavia we work with local agents who 100% represent Fiskano and have known our company for over 30 years.

More information about the Swedish market:


One of our company policies is to go directly to the source. In this way there are no extra steps in between. By doing so we know when the market prices and quantities are in- or decreasing and are able to offer products at the most competitive price.



We strongly believe in sustainable fishery. We were born and raised in a traditional fishing village. Throughout the years a lot has changed. Not only in the fishing industry itself, but in the whole chain. All in favor of protecting the environment. Our assortment holds MSC and ASC approved product.


All our products (wild catch as well as aquaculture) are submitted to an extensive quality test at the source, during processing as well as when the goods are entering the Coldstore. We believe that with our A grade products we will keep our customers satisfied.