Fiskano, your reliable partner in fish
Since 30 years Fiskano plays an active role in the Dutch fishing industry. Access to raw materials worldwide is, and will continue to be, the future key to a stable product flow. Over the years Fiskano has developed into a highly specialized importer and producer of premium quality and value-added fish products.
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Herring roe | Pulled salmon | Monkfish tails

Rainbow trout

Fiskano’s rainbow trout is farmed in Lake Titicaca, Peru. Lake Titicaca is a high altitude fresh water lake and it has an Alpine climate with cool to cold temperatures for most of the year. It provides the perfect conditions to farm high quality rainbow trout. Taste, color and texture is superior to the European rainbow trout.


Latin name : Oncorhynchus mykiss
Specification : Whole round gutted and Fillets trim C, 5 kg, IQF